BLACKPINK is officially back in your area.

The K-pop princesses returned on Thursday (June 22) with their hotly anticipated comeback single, "As If It's Your Last," and while not as instantly iconic as their previous smash hits, the ladies have another Teddy-produced banger — and fierce, colorful video — on their hands.

Kicking off with a wonky, throbbing EDM beat, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé, wearing their tidiest schoolgirl uniforms, dance around lux pink Greek columns (think Las Vegas meets Athens), an unusually spotless train station and a cute bedroom, all before the track skitters into an unexpectedly sweet, traditional pop chorus.

"Baby, hold me like I’m gonna burst / Stop thinking, what’s so hard about it? / Kiss me like it’s a lie / As if I am your last love," Jennie and Rosé harmonize on the bright chorus, before the hook: "Like it’s the last love / Li-li-like it’s the last love."

Later, posing in front of a red vintage car inside a neon-lit garage, Lisa slays on her English-language rap verse, spitting, "I'll be the Bonnie and you be my Clyde / We ride or die, X's and O's!"

Watch up top.

While "As If It's Your Last" doesn't feature the hard, earth-shaking drop many fans were expecting following tracks like "Whistle" and "BOOMBAYAH," the summery, sparkling electro-pop tune is certainly a grower, and will likely get stuck in your head before you realize it.

Coincidentally, this month marks the girls' one year anniversary—they officially made their debut on June 29, 2016 with an announcement by YG Entertainment. Their third single album is due out in August.

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