Blueface won his debut fight at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 19 in Tampa, Fla. this week, and also appeared to take home the W in a wild post-fight brawl with a fan who ran into the ring.

On Friday night (July 23), Blueface and TikTok personality Kane Trujillo fought, but it was the post-fight celebration that had people talking. In video captured of the incident, Blueface is being congratulated by his opponent and his opponent's team in the middle of the ring following the bout. A man in a blue hat and glasses then steps up and says something inaudible to the "Thotiana" rhymer. Whatever the man said didn't sit right with Blue, who quickly hit the guy with a punch, sending the man spilling backwards. Chaos ensues as the Cali rapper continues to punch the guy while security tries to subdue the man.

"It's a all-out war inside the ring!" one of the commentators exclaims as more people in the ring get into a kerfuffle. Police officers step in and remove the guy and things eventually calm down.

As for the actual fight, Blueface won easily. He overpowered Trujillo throughout the entire fight with a height and weight advantage, and a flurry of punches. He won by decision.

Blueface has been training for this fight for months, with videos popping up on social media in the weeks leading up to the match. The match-up even drew jokes from 6ix9ine, who clowned Blue on Twitch. "Yo, Twitch, right now I got $20,000 in my pocket I walk around with," Tekashi claimed. "[Blueface] He's getting paid $25,000 to fight. I walk around with the money he's getting paid."

See highlights from Blueface's fight with TikTok personality Kane Trujillo below.

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