Bow Wow found himself as a trending topic on Twitter today when people tried to name any three of his songs.

On Sunday (Jan. 23), a user on the social media platform tweeted a question: “Imagine a nigga puts a gun to your head and tells you to name 3 bow wow songs.” This sparked a discourse between people who could name three songs from the veteran rapper and others who couldn’t think of any.

Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, caught wind of the debate on Monday (Jan. 24) and had to shake his head at it.

“Damn I’m only 34 and y’all can’t name 3 of my songs,” he jokingly tweeted on his Twitter account. “I’m bout to start telling ppl I’m 56.”

One person who jumped into the debate was Chance The Rapper. The Chicago rhymer slid in the comment section of an IG post about the social media debate and revealed that he knows a lot of Bow Wow’s songs. "Let me hold u down, bounce wit me, Marco Polo, FreshazimIs, Basketball, Like u, shorty like mine, Bow wow (that’s my name). That’s what I remember with out google," he wrote in the comments.

Chance The Rapper responds to people who can’t name three Bow Wow songs.
The Shade Room via Instagram

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the reactions are mixed with some folks dropping their favorite Bow Wow tracks to others who simply acknowledged they can’t name any songs.

"I would die if I was asked to name 3 bow wow songs and I grew up with him. I could do the dance though lmao," tweeted one fan.

Another person believes that people know plenty of Bow Wow’s songs and are just pretending they don’t know.

"Saying you can’t name 3 Bow Wow songs or that he doesn’t have hits is just [cap]," he wrote, adding five blue caps for emphasis.

However, they were a slew of fans who could name plenty of the So So Def rapper’s chart-topping hits.

"Puppy Love, Thank you, Take Ya Home, Bounce with me, Bow Wow (that’s my name), Ghetto girls, Let get down, My baby, When I turn 18, Let Me Hold You, Like You…and that’s just a couple radio hits cause if you had the album you droppin’ ish like Crazy, All I know...stop playing," tweeted one major Bow Wow fan.

Check out more fans reacting to people trying to name three Bow Wow songs below.

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