The world was recoiling in horror Monday (April 10) as we watched a man being dragged for filth on an airplane -- yes, he was being literally dragged off for not giving up his seat voluntarily!

His name is Dr. David Dao (get THE TEA on the doctor at the end of this article), and he was on his way back from Chicago to Louisville, Ky., so he could attend to his patients. He had paid for his United Airlines ticket in advance, but unbeknownst to him, the flight was overbooked. The flight crew asked repeatedly for volunteers to remove themselves from the flight and accept a free hotel and flight voucher and catch another flight. Since there were not enough volunteers, the doctor was randomly chosen by computer to be kicked off the flight. Dao did not want to volunteer, but his name was randomly chosen to be a "volunteer."

That is not being a volunteer, that is being volunTOLD!

So, how did he get a bloody nose? While the officers were removing him from his seat, he fell and hit his head on one of the armrests. I can only imagine he was fearful for his life at that point, I know I would be! And no one on the plane intervened to stop the abuse because they knew that they, too, would be kicked off the plane and likely physically assaulted by the airport police.

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! There are a lot of people who are already afraid to fly because of their fear of heights; now do we also have to walk on eggshells in fear of rogue flight crews and airport security officers? OUTRAGEOUS!

Many people (besides yours truly) are now boycotting United Airlines and speaking up in outrage at the airline. Nevertheless, United is doubling down and insisting in the strongest terms that if paying customers do not comply with direct orders from flight staff, the company has every right to physically assault passengers and remove them from a plane, even if they end up with bloody noses and emotional distress.

The Chicago airport police officer has been suspended for the physical detainment procedures he used on Dr. Dao. United's CEO, Oscar Munoz, even praised employees for the way the confrontation was handled and as of yet, has not apologized to the passenger for the manner in which his removal was handled. Yeowch!

Will you still be flying on United? What is your favorite airline?

*THE TEA is that he has a rap sheet a mile long, according to the gossipmongers at TMZ! Whoo, chile, the social media reactions that the Courier-Journal newspaper is getting for releasing the sordid details of Dr. Dao's past will make your eyes pop out, like, whoa! People are "big mad"!

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