Another month, another (friendly!) K-pop rivalry.

As of the past week, both GFriend and Brave Girls made their official comebacks with "Fingertip" and "Rollin'" respectively, resulting in a massive amount of fan support for both troupes. While GFriend opted for a strange, dream-within-a-dream mystery concept for their catchy retro bop, Brave Girls went the sexy route, resulting in a 19+ rating on their seductive, but still relatively tame clip for their Tropical House-inspired tune.

During Brave Girls' album showcase in Seoul, the girls were asked who they consider their rival group to be, to which Eunji responded "GFriend," telling a story of how her younger cousin doesn't know who Brave Girls are, but does know GFriend's songs and choreography. (Ouch!)

So here's the question: if they are friendly rivals, which group is your personal favorite? Review their March comeback clips above, and then place your vote. We'll reveal the results right here on March 15.

Girls' Generation Through the Years:

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