National media and political pundits are already starting to point fingers as to the cause of the terrible shootings that occured last night a theatre in Aurora, Colorado. Here’s who not to blame.



As national news organizations scramble to fill their 24 hour news cycles, and political pundits of all philosophies pontificate about what caused someone to shoot and kill 12 people and injure nearly 60 others at a midnight showing of “The Dark Night Rises” at a theatre in Colorado, here’s who not to blame.

Bob Kane didn’t cause this when he created the Batman character.

Warner Brothers didn’t cause this when they produced the Batman films.

President Obama didn’t cause this.

Mitt Romney didn’t cause this.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t cause this.

Rachel Maddow didn’t cause this.

Neither the Republican or Democratic parties caused this.

The Tea Party didn’t cause this.

The NRA didn’t cause this.

Gun control advocates didn’t cause this.

The American education system didn’t cause this.

Who did cause this?

An individual who planned the shooting, armed himself to the teeth, somehow got in theatre back door, and shot and killed 12 people, injuring nearly 60 others.

The suspect is in custody and police are investigating. Did he act alone?  What motivated the shooter?  The full story will come out soon.

Until then, I suppose the national finger pointing will continue.


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