Britney Spears is reportedly making huge changes to her show in light of Demi Lovato's reported overdose — the Confident singer was hospitalized earlier this week after relapsing from six years of sobriety.

According to Paige Six, Spears' team has decided to ban alcohol at all live events backstage, noting it can be a particular trigger for Spears — who's sober — and her team.

“Britney’s team set strict guidelines that no alcohol at all could be served backstage, because they want to keep it away from her, and also many of her dancers are underage," a source told the site at Spears' recent Radio City Music Hall concert in New York City.

The move doubles down on an earlier directive by Spears' team to remove any potential temptation well in advance.

“Britney is doing great, and every effort will be made to make sure that doesn’t change," a source told Straight Shuter. "Before the tour starts, her advance people will make sure that alcohol is removed from every hotel where she stays and access to the singer will be limited to ensure no shady characters get anywhere near her. The cast and crew on her tour can expect there will be lots of rules. In addition to the confidentiality clauses, backup dancers will be banned from consuming alcohol and drugs, and will even be subjected to random testing.”

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