Britney Spears shared another photo from her Fantasy Twist fragrance photo shoot. While the first image Brit posted was Egyptian and Cleopatra-like in nature, the latest images depict Brit Brit as a ’20s-era flapper, complete with swingy dress, bobbed hair and deeply pigmented lips.

Brit shared another photo with heavy bangs and an ear-to-ear grin.

“Loving day 2 of my Elizabeth Arden Fantasy Twist fragrance shoot. Jason says I look like Jean Harlow,” was her caption for the flapper post. You know, her fiancé Jason Trawick may be on to something. Brit does channel Old Hollywood glam with this look.

In other Brit news, the origin of her famed “It’s Britney, b—-” catch phrase, which opens ‘Gimme More’ from ‘Blackout,’ was revealed by producer Jim Beanz. He’s the same person who leaked news that Justin Timberlake was working on new music, an assertion that was quickly shot down by the singer’s publicist. So some Brit worshippers might approach this story with caution, since Beanz spilling of JT “beanz” was quickly dealt with and rendered untrue.

“I started working with Britney when she was pregnant with her second child,” Beanz revealed. “She would come in for like an hour, an hour-and-a-half, and we’d be working and it’d be going great. She’d say, ‘Hey, can I got to the bathroom?’” Brit would step out of the studio to tinkle, which is what preggers women do … often. But she wouldn’t come back,” he revealed.

Her assistant would return to the booth to deliver the news that the singer wouldn’t be recording any further. That had to be frustrating for her collaborators, that’s for sure. But hey, she was expecting Jayden James and was thus distracted.

That behavior continued, with Beanz confessing that the singer would make excuses to not be there and get out of doing her work.

So how did this truant behavior lead to the genesis of her famous phrasing? “She came in at wrong part [of the song] while recording and I said, ‘I don’t have to come in .. when I want. It’s Britney, bitch.’ Then she said it.’” And the rest is history.

Watch Jim Beanz Dish on Working With Britney Spears

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