Tommy Lee's wife Brittany Furlan has seemingly reacted to the new TV series Pam & Tommy — sorta.

The actress, influencer and former Vine star appeared to cryptically acknowledge the show in a TikTok video uploaded Friday (Feb. 5).

The clip shows Furlan lip-syncing to audio of a man saying, "Don't worry, I'm not going to do what everyone thinks I'm going to do and flip out, man," as she playfully thrashes in apparent frustration before laughing it off.

"Don’t worry! I’ve learned my lesson [about] internet hierarchy. Never expressing my feelings again," Furlan captioned the video.

Basically: don't expect her to make a statement or acknowledge it directly any time soon.

Watch her lighthearted TikTok video, below:

Furlan's caption about "never expressing" her feelings again seemingly addresses the recent beef she had with TikTok star and pop culture commentator Tefi, a.k.a. @hellotefi.

Last week, Tefi uploaded a series of TikTok videos digging deep into the real-life drama between Lee and Baywatch star and Playboy icon Pamela Anderson, who were married in the '90s and whose tumultuous relationship is the subject of the aforementioned Hulu series. The show was created without permission or input from either Anderson or Lee.

Over the past year, Tefi and Furlan publicly supported each other's content and it seemed as though they were internet friends, which is likely why Furlan took offense to Tefi's videos about Lee.

In a since-deleted TikTok video, an upset Furlan called out Tefi and criticized her for posting the commentary online.

"This message is specifically for @hellotefi," Furlan said in the clip, claiming she DMed Tefi who "did not respond."

"This is just me publicly saying I am really hurt," she continued. "I think that you're using your platform really irresponsibly. I'm hurt because you followed me, I followed you; you would comment on my stuff here and there, I would comment on yours. And then you decide to go and do a 17-part series on my family who you don't know — you've never met any of us. You're just going off of tabloid information."

However, Furlan herself was then called out by many TikTok users as Tefi's videos included information that was already highly publicized public knowledge. (Lee himself included some of the things Tefi discussed in her videos in his 2004 memoir, Tommyland.)

@brittanyfurlan via Instagram
@brittanyfurlan via Instagram

Furlan also seemed to allude to the general public expectations for her to comment on Pam & Tommy in an Instagram Story Friday.

She shared a quote that read, "A tip for mental health... learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation, who deserves one answer and who deserves absolutely nothing."

Furlan and Lee first met online — Lee was a fan of her Vines and she was a fan of his music with Mötley Crüe.

The two were first photographed together in June 2017. On Valentine's Day 2018, Lee popped the question and Furlan said yes.They announced their engagement on Instagram.

They tied the knot the following Valentine's Day (Feb. 14, 2019).

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