Brook Power added "mom" to her resume in November 2016, and now she takes on the title of Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2017.

“I think women who are in any sort of spotlight now need to be interesting. Women are so multifaceted. Especially with models — there’s more than just a pretty face. Now we need to show it.”

Power, who also posed last year for the magazine while clothed, is certainly multitasking while balancing parenthood and career. She lives in Hawaii with her son, Ozzie, and partner/fellow model, Zac Taylor.

On the experience of being nude in photos, Power says, “When you’re modeling, you’re constantly getting undressed and changing in front of everyone. I also trusted the aesthetic that I knew the photographer would capture. It’s something we’re proud of doing.”

The first Native American Playmate to win the Playmate of the Year title, Power will be on the May/June 2017 issue of Playboy, which she says she never expected.

"I thought it was so out of my element. I’m just a surfer chick who rides horses."

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