BTS recently caught up with PopCrush Nights host Kayla Thomas for a chat over Zoom, during which the superstar music group dished on their new single "Butter," as well as their eagerness to get back to their international fans (a.k.a. ARMY) following lock-down.

Speaking about the group's smooth new single, RM explained that the track is meant to be a joyful dance floor jam just in time for summer.

"The song has got no kind of like, heavy messages in it. It’s just simple," RM shared. "It actually rhymes with summer too — it’s like, butter for summer! So we just want to give a danceable vibe to all over the world so we could just dance."

As for the band's favorite lyric? RM, Jin, Jimin, V, Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook all agree: "Smooth like butter like a criminal undercover!"

"That’s it! When you just listen to it, when you turn on the song with no kind of thoughts, [the] lyrics just hit you so hard," RM added.

BTS shared that they are also eager to get back out on the road to see their fans in person.

"It will be great if things get better and we can have concerts. We are desperately waiting for that moment," Jimin shared, referring to the ongoing pandemic's impact on live music.

The group also shared a special message for ARMY, their fans: "We miss you ... We’ve waited for this for like, more than two months, so just enjoy it [and] dance to it. Let’s just flow and go smooth like butter. That’s it," RM said.

Watch the full PopCrush Nights interview with BTS, below:

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