BTS soon grace our television screens following the announcement of a BTS-inspired drama series currently in development!

According to a press release following the company's corporate briefing on Tuesday (August 20), "Big Hit plans to develop a drama production based on [the] BTS Universe (BU) with a well-known drama production company, slated for release in the second half of 2020, and a new game project using BTS storytelling IP in collaboration with Netmarble."

The K-pop Team at The Korea Herald, who covered the corporate briefing, tweeted that the drama series "will delve into [the] Bangtan Universe, which will narrate the time when the seven boys met for the first time. Since it is [BTS'] younger days, they are planning to cast actors that could play the part[s]."

Big Hit may be known for music, but the company is also focusing on the expansion of its artists and brands into different territories and ventures. CEO Bang Si-hyuk said the company plans to focus on IP branding and IP storytelling in upcoming quarters.

“The core of Big Hit’s IP business vision is to enhance of the brand power created through artists and secure powerful impact and influence, which can then be expanded into a sustained brand business," he revealed at the briefing.

CEO of Big Hit’s Business Contents, Lenzo Yoon, also shared his goal to transform the hosting city of a concert into a festival atmosphere, "improving inconvenient and unfair elements and enhancing the overall customer experience."

As for new music on the horizon, the company assured everyone that they will support the members' artistic direction and visions following BTS' current extended break.

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