For a few brief minutes in the beginning of Bumblebee, the new, actually good Transformers movie out in theaters Friday (Dec. 21), the titular yellow robot speaks.

This is, of course, prior to the character suffering a violent injury to his vocal processor during an attack from a Decepticon named Blitzwing, which renders him mute for the remainder of the film. (And the series, for that matter.)

But just who voices Bumblebee before he transforms into a rusty yellow '67 Volkswagen Beetle?

As it turns out, veteran young action star Dylan O'Brien provides the bright, youthful speaking voice for Bumblebee in the latest flick from the Transformers franchise and Hasbro toys line.

After his voicebox is damaged, Bumblebee communicates using radio AM/FM sound clips after his human friend, Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), fixes his car radio for him.

O'Brien also starred in Maze Runner: The Death Cure earlier this year, a film he sustained series injuries on while filming back in 2016.

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