I was reading a story earlier how kids today are putting Burt's Bees Lip Balm on their eyelids to simulate the sensation of being high or drunk. This experience is called "Beezin" and sounds like one of the stupidest things one could possibly do.

Maybe I'm not the majority, but I think my life is pretty decent. Not just life in general but I don't feel the need to get high. I've never been high - I don't even use nitrous oxide at the dentist because I don't like that feeling. I also don't like getting drunk. I don't even like being buzzed, which is bad news because I love craft beers.

Going back to beezin, yeah, these kids take Burt Bee's Lip Balm and put it on their eyelids. I'm not about to try it to find out why, but I guess it causes a tingling sensation.

According to a doctor, the tingling feeling is from the peepermint oil.

That funny, tingling feeling is really inflammation. It's your body's natural reaction to preventing something very bad happening like swelling or eye redness.

Unfortunately, there will always be someone coming up with something to get a cheap high like inhaling fumes or snorting crushed smarties, but this is the current act of stupidity.

Stay in school.