Cardi B is sick of being in the spotlight. So much so, that she feels like God has cursed her with fame.

On Tuesday (May 2), Cardi B hit up Instagram Live to say that she's completely fed up with being under constant scrutiny due to her A-list celebrity status. The "Clout" rapper explained to her 129 million IG followers that she feels as though she's always in trouble for the things she says and does, specifically on social media. Giving advice to any of her fans who may have aspirations of fame and fortune, Cardi B said that it's best to just focus on getting the bag as opposed to seeking the limelight.

"I hate being famous," said Bardi. "I hate it. I really hate it. Let me tell y'all something. If y'all ever wished to be rich and famous, don't wish to be famous. Don't wish to be famous. Wish to be rich."

Cardi B continued by explaining that, in her opinion, the root cause of her disdain for being a celebrity stems from being overwhelmed with negative interactions on social media.

"Ya'll seen me these couple of days, right," the Invasion of Privacy spitter said. "Y'all see that I've been partying, going to the club with my nigga, everything, blah, blah, blah. Y'all see that I've been in a good mood. Once I step out, once I start doing anything that will go on social media, it's always, always bad. I'm so sick of it. I'm so sick of it. I'm so sick of it, I hate it. Why me? Why me? I feel like God cursed with fame, deadass. Dead-fucking-ass. God really cursed me with fame."

In the IG Live video, Bardi alludes to some backlash she received as the result of a snorting gesture she jokingly made on Tuesday (May 2) while giving a toast at Playboy's after-party for the Met Gala, which is seemingly what prompted her to express her outrage.

The Bronx native's��latest rant about the things people say to her on social media comes exactly one month after Cardi B deleted her entire Twitter account due to the fact that many of her fans criticized her for not attending the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Watch Cardi B's full Instagram Live video below. Fast-forward to the 3:36-mark to hear her explain how she feels as though her fame is the result of being cursed by God.

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