Thursday's (April 19) episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show will come with a bit of an anatomy lesson, thanks to the ever-candid Cardi B.

The rapper, who wowed crowds during the first weekend of Coachella's 2018 festival, recounts the experience with the show's host in a preview, and in the video below, the two sort through images from the concert until they land on one that fascinates Ellen.

"I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place. Like that! Like that! That's how it happened," Cardi jokes.

"We were all curious and we didn't know how," DeGeneres responds. "Now we do, and that's great."

Cardi adds that she danced so aggressively at Coachella because she had a single mission in mind: get the baby out.

"They say the more you move, the easier it will come out," she says. "You know what I'm sayin'? And I'm, 'Come out fast!'"

Cardi, who first confirmed her pregnancy during an April 8 musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Liveadds that performing on the famed sketch show made her particularly nervous.

"You know what? I was nervous for my second performance. For my first performance I was like, 'Eh! Party with Cardi! Ooh!' And then in my second one, I don't know — I was sweaty," Cardi B says. "My underarms started itching because it's like, 'Oh, my God! The world gon' know I'm pregnant! Oh! Here we go! Opinions! Coming!'"

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