Cardi B was making a cross-country trek from New York City to L.A. when her private jet was forced to make an emergency landing this weekend. TMZ reported the news on Monday (Nov. 26).

According to the celebrity news site, Bardi's journey was interrupted when the plane's pilot experienced some stomach problems that required medical attention. It was that, TMZ notes, that led to the emergency landing for the flight. There were no technical issues with the plane itself.

Speaking on the matter through her Instagram account on Sunday, Cardi explained what happened.

“I’m stuck in Chicago. We had to do an emergency landing in Chicago,” the “Money” rapper lamented on her IG Story in the early hours of Monday morning. “Let me tell you something, mo—I’m not taking no more fucking jets. I don’t give a fuck, bro! These types of shits don’t happen on fucking Delta.”

A few hours later, Cardi posted an update from inside a helicopter. “I went from a jet to a commercial flight now to a helicopter,” she says from behind the camera. “You cannot say a bitch don’t take her job seriously! Oh my God, I’m so scared!”

Though it was a rough morning for Cardi, things aren’t all bad. Last night, the world got to see Kulture’s mom win big when the 2018 Soul Train Awards were broadcasted. At the star-studded awards show, Bardi took home the coveted Video of the Year award for “Finesse (Remix),” which is a Bruno Mars collaborating she appeared on at the top of 2018. The awards were taped in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Watch Bardi speak on her emergency plane landing for yourself below.—Marisa Mendez

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