Cardi B is not here for the jokes about the alleged recent attack on Yung Miami's life.

During an Instagram Live session on Thursday (Aug. 8), Cardi spoke out in defense of her "Twerk" collaborator and blasted anyone who has found any humor in the fact that the City Girls rapper was reportedly shot at while pregnant.

"What happened to her is a miracle! Her car got shot up a lot of times!" Cardi said. "And I see a lot of people in the comments joking about it, doing little jokes like, 'I thought you kept a baby glock!' Bitch shut the fuck up! This shit is different. She's pregnant. A lot of you bitches can not even see y'all fucking seat while y'all fucking pregnant so fucking stop. Y'all love to joke around! Just remember those little comments that y'all be doing for clout, that shit ain't worth bad karma to you, bitch. 'Cause that karma come! Y'all want to be fucking funny in the comments, hoe? That shit come right back to you, bitch. Your baby father might get clapped up. Or your mama."

Miami remained unharmed in the Aug. 6 attack, but despite her initial statement that "Me and baby summer is perfectly fine," she later followed up to say that she is having a bit of a difficult time mentally dealing with it.

"Keep looking at my pictures & all my mentions like it really could've been R.I.P," Miami wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday (Aug. 7). "I'm really not okay!"

No arrests have yet been made in the incident.

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