**Cattlemen and women from across the country, in need of a little sunshine, are blazing a trail to Phoenix, Arizona for the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show.

As reported in AgWired.com, the convention runs January 31st thru February 2nd.

The opening act will be the 25th Anniversary of Cattlemen’s College where producers can learn from the industry experts on topics ranging on everything from genetics to managing calves to forage production.

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**57% of the country is experiencing some form of drought or dryness, and much of that is in the Wheat Belt, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor.

KD Investors’ Kevin Duling tells AgDay the basis for higher protein wheat is at levels we haven’t seen in years, while the amount of wheat in farmer hands is minimal.

Duling expects some kind of spark in the market, with both demand and how USDA uses their information in the spring.

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**As farmers look for ways to improve their profitability in 2018, one of the areas many are evaluating is their crop mix. The question of whether farmers will make crop changes this year was asked in a Farm Journal PULSE survey conducted earlier this month.

Of the 596 farmers who responded, 54% said they will continue what they did in 2017. Of farmers who said they’d make a change, 20% said they will plant fewer corn acres and more soybeans.

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