You're single on Valentine's Day: So what? There's far worse things than being solo on a day like finishing that Ben & Jerry’s pint quicker than you expected, or realizing your friend secretly changed his or her Netflix password without telling you — Netflix & Chill (Alone) is officially ruined!

If you're lucky, you're not one of those other single people, who are alone not by choice but because their crappy boyfriend or girlfriend decided that today (of all days) would the time to call things off. Even if they ended it just before — or right after — Valentine's Day, it sucks all the same.

Contrary to common decency, breakups around this time are surprisingly common. Sometimes the romantic faux-holiday turns more bitter than sweet, which was certainly the case for the Hollywood breakups we've rounded up here.

Check out the gallery above to see which celebrity pairs pulled the plug on their relationships right around February 14th.

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