It's been a while since we've heard from rapper Charles Hamilton, but he was a topic of discussion this afternoon after having a war of words with Doja Cat on Twitter.

Apparently, it all started on Thursday (Jan. 13) when the New York City native, known for his 2008 hit "Brooklyn Girls," tweeted Doja, telling her to "chill" and "grow up." In a now-deleted message, Hamilton wrote, "Doja, you gotta chill. The whole world is watching and, yes, judging you. Time to grow up. I know. Sucks. But… yeah. {@dojacat}."

In a second tweet, posted earlier today (Jan. 14), Charles Hamilton referenced Doja Cat expressing interest in wanting to work with producer 9th Wonder, suggesting she take her craft more seriously before working with the skilled beatmaker. Some fans took the statement as an insult opposed to a compliment.

"Also, @dojacat is talking about being on 9th beats," Hamilton stated. "Meaning, she wants to be taken serious (as a spitter). I’m just saying she should take herself more serious. She, like I said, is already rockin’ the world."

One fan wrote, "STFU Charles Hamilton, you were corny. You was a doof to begin with and you don't need to compare yourself to Doja in any way other than you're both technically human."

Another Twitter user typed, "Doja Cat dragged Charles Hamilton."

On Christmas Eve of last year, Doja Cat, who has been demanding her respect as a rapper, shared on Instagram Live that she wants to release a double album, where the first side would have seven pop-rap songs and the other would have 12 full rap tracks. Doja also said she'd like to work with 9th and Jay Versace, to which 9th Wonder replied, "Say what now?"

After Charles Hamilton's recent tweets, his mentions were likely bombarded with Doja supporters who were in defense of the California native.

"I  wasn’t hating on Doja Cat," Hamitlon typed. "I’m just asking her to take herself serious. She’s already one of the elite females in music. I don’t want to hear her ridiculed for being silly. Like I was at one point. Y’all can chill out now."

The Planet Her rhymer quickly caught wind of Hamilton's comments and actually mistook him for another famed artist who shares the same last name: R&B soul singer Anthony Hamilton.

"BRO I FEEL SO FUCKIN DUMB. IMAGINE HE WAS ANTHONY HAMILTON THOUGH?!?!?" she said, directly responding to Charles Hamilton's now-removed tweet.

She then told Hamilton, "You ain’t shit."

Doja went on to taunt Hamilton and his song "Brooklyn Girls," writing, "u that one dude that was like 'YABADABADABA BROOKLYN GIRLS.'"

She added, "Bro i thought you were Anthony Hamilton i was about to tell my whole family I was so excited."

It's unclear where Charles Hamilton's initial tweet stemmed from or if it was just a thought he decided to share. Either way, it looks like Doja Cat's overprotective fans gave him second thoughts about posting those messages.

See more reactions to what is likely the most random exchange of 2022 below.

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