Thank goodness for Number 1 Angel, because it looks like Charli's Angels won't be graced with the pop star's third studio album until 2018.

Speaking to FADER, Charli XCX told the publication that her third official record will likely be pushed back until Spring 2018, explaining, "I don’t really want to say [for certain] because then everyone will jump on the date and if it’s not then, they’ll go crazy."

The artist, who released her Number 1 Angel mixtape in March, has been in an uphill battle with her record label, and has seen her album, the follow-up to 2014's Sucker, delayed a number of times.

Back in February, Charli tweeted that she was struggling to release new music to fans, tweeting, "You have no idea how f---ing hard it is just to release a free f---ing mixtape in 2017." Addressing her statement in the interview, the singer-songwriter admitted that she's "kind of over it."

"I can be a little b---h sometimes, and I was definitely b---hing at my label a lot during that period. I’ve learned that it’s better to work with them. Like, if we’re all working together we can move things along. I’m sure in the future I will bitch about them again," she said.

Meanwhile, Charli may currently be working on yet another album with PC Music mastermind A.G. Cook.

On Friday (May 13), she tweeted a screen shot of a conversation between her and A.G., where the two discussed recording a full album in one day. See below:

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