Charlie Puth earned three Grammy nominations with "See You Again," his No. 1 hit 2015 collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, and he's just landed another hit with the Selena Gomez-featuring "We Don't Talk Anymore." Puth credits skillful songwriting and Gomez's involvement as key factors in the track's success, but in a September 14 Billboard interview, he also suggests late actor Paul Walker also played a role. Literally. From the heavens above.

"It’s truly incredible," Puth said of the song's ascent up the Hot 100. "It entered the top 10 on Paul Walker's birthday. [Billboard announced the new top 10 on Sept. 12.] I do believe that's a bit of his work from above."

"See You Again" was written in tribute to Walker, who died in a car accident in November of 2013, for the movie Furious 7. Does Puth believe that the hit's fine craftsmanship as a fitting and popular commemorative anthem for Walker's untimely passing pleased the actor in the afterlife, to the point where Walker wielded celestial heft to raise "We Don't Talk Anymore" — a mid-tempo breakup bop — up the charts?

Puth also provided some advice to future hitmakers: Use your phone as a tiny studio.

"The guitar part was recorded on an iPhone. Actually, most of the sounds that make up the record were recorded on my iPhone. The kick drums were me tapping boxes layered with beatboxing. To me, the weirder the recording process is, the bigger the hit it will be."

Read Puth's full deconstruction of "We Don't Talk Anymore" over at Billboard.


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