High school cheerleaders wearing their uniforms on football game days is an American tradition that's been called off in one school for a very surprising reason.

Cheerleaders at Timpview High School in Provo, Utah, have been prohibited from wearing their uniforms to school on game days after a male student complained the clothing was too distracting.

People reports the boy claimed he had "impure" thoughts.

The boy's mother emailed the school and the squad was informed they should not wear their uniforms prior to the football team's game last week.

The school district, however, claims no ban was ever instituted, despite the fact the girls on the cheerleading squad say they were told not to wear their outfits.

The cheerleaders are furious this has become an issue, with one saying, "It's giving this boy power that when he grows up and does something to a girl, he can blame it on her skirt being too short. Why should this boy have control over what we wear?"

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