A Chief Keef fan is attempting to sell the rapper's double cups on eBay after finding them while dumpster diving.

On Thursday (May 11), TikTok user lifestyle_store_ uploaded a video announcing that Chief Keef's used styrofoam cups are for sale at a new eBay listing for over $14,000. Apparently, the original listing was removed after bids reached $15,000, most likely due to eBay's strict policy against selling drug paraphernalia on the platform. The new listing states, "There are no drugs related to this at all, this is a collector's item."

The eBay listing comes after a video surfaced of a man who spotted Chief Keef's signature Scooby-Doo-wrapped Lamborghini Urus and Sosa throwing trash in a dumpster. After Sosa drives away, the fan gets out of his car and jumps in the dumpster to collect the "Hate Bein' Sober" rapper's used items.

@lifestyle_store_ Shoot offers for the double cups in comments. #chiefkeef ♬ Hate Bein' Sober - Chief Keef

Among Keef's discarded trash included a stack of custom double cups with the words "Exotic Pop" printed on them. There was also a glass bottle of Balmain Evian water, but it appears that's not up for sale on eBay. With the items, it looks like the Chief Keef fan is following the adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

There are 42 bids for the Chief Keef cups with the bidding expecting to end on Sunday (May 14) according to the eBay listing.

Chief Keef fans are a unique bunch. One devotee went viral back for hilariously rapping Sosa's lyrics while being arrested. In the viral video, a man is being arrested and while officers were patting him down for weapons, he starting rapping bars from Keef's 2015 song, "Earned It." Both the police and bystanders on the street seemed to be entertained by the man's performance. You can watch the video below.

Watch TikTok User Lifestyle_store Announce New eBay Listing for Chief Reef's Used Cups Below

@lifestyle_store_ #chiefkeef ♬ Love Sosa - Chief Keef

Chief Reef's used double cups up for bidding on eBay.

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