On the night of Thursday, March 2, many gathered at Children's Village to wish Jackie McPhee a happy retirement. Although her business card said Director at Children's Village, she was much more than that in the community.

Even before Children's Village was a thing some 20 year ago, she worked to advocate our children, especially those with special needs. A voice for the voiceless and to help children and their families get the help and resources they need, including my family.

She has made such an impact to the community that several people attended her retirement will with laughs and tears. My wife, now a volunteer at Children's Village, has gotten very close to her. Though her retirement moves forward, her legacy will live on.

There is no word on who will step in as the next director of Children's Village, but whomever it is won't be a replacement for Jackie. More of, exactly that -- the new director of Children's Village and I'm sure will carry on the legacy that Jackie McPhee has done for the community.

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