Chris Brown believes that aliens have not only visited humans but they also live among us.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), Chris Brown shared his thoughts on aliens and UFOs in a post on his Instagram Story.

"This is hella random but don't fall for the fake UFO/UAP false flags," the "Under the Influence" crooner wrote. "Extraterrestrials have been visiting us for a long time. Some live among us."

He continued: "We are the only destructive species dooming our existence. Don't let them run with the narrative. Just say I'm crazy. But also make your own judgements...They just [started] acknowledging the 'possibilities' of UAPs and UFOs. Now they are shooting everything moving out the sky????"

"Hey, this message is for uneducational purposes," he concluded with a smirk emoji.

Interest in UFOs and UAPs or unidentified anomalous phenomenons has been at an all-time high in recent years, beginning with the leaking of the USS Nimitz tic-tac UFO video that was acknowledged by the U.S. government in 2020. Since then, more military personnel have been coming forward with their stories. In 2021, the Pentagon released a report on UAPs made up of information gathered over the last two decades.

Most recently, UFOs have been in the headlines again after the U.S. government admitted to shooting down three unidentified flying objects in Alaska, Canada and Michigan over the weekend. That came in the wake of a U.S. fighter jet shooting down a suspected Chinese spy ballon earlier this month.

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Chris Brown comments on aliens.

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