No, it's not one of Loki's trickster illusions: Like the Norse god's mighty hammer in Marvel's first film featuring Chris Hemsworth, Thor's hair has been snatched!

The superhero's signature long blonde locks are missing on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's latest issue, which features the stars of Thor: Ragnarok—a jarringly different-looking Hemsworth included.

"It was nice not to have to sit in the makeup chair for that hour each morning," Hemsworth told the magazine of his new 'do. "It felt like a rebirth for me as the actor but also as the character."

Meanwhile, fans are shorn— excuse me, torn, over the actor's short hair:

Barber Shop—whoops, I mean, Thor: Ragnarok opens November 3. See Thor's new look on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, below.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

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