It’s hard not to be drawn in and mesmerized by listening to singer-songwriters Christina Perri and Jason Mraz. The duo pour their heart and soul into a new collaboration, ‘Distance,’ featured on Rolling Stone.

While melancholy, the song is beautifully done and floods with emotion. The video features raw footage of a rehearsal, leaving the viewer to focus on the lyrics and Perri and Mraz’s facial expressions. In it, Jason Mraz is comfortably seated on an exercise ball, effortlessly belting out the harmony against Christina’s strikingly inviting voice from just a few feet away on a couch. The two compliment each other in a way that is not only remarkable, but also shows just how far sheer talent can go.

‘Distance’ is a tale we’ve all experienced before — we love somebody, but the communication is lost. Maybe they can’t hear us? Maybe they don’t love us back? Or maybe it’s being unable to express how you really feel? Christina recently stated, “It’s about being around that one whom your heart longs for without being able to show your true feelings, without being able to tell them.”

‘Distance’ is the third official single off of Christina’s album ‘Lovestrong.’ We’re convinced that with one listen of it you, too, will be drawn in and yearning for more from the duo.

Watch Christina Perri + Jason Mraz Duet on Rolling Stone

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