A few years ago, I wrote a quick blurb about the $6.8 million mansion that Russell Wilson had bought for himself and his then-girlfriend, Ciara, but that was before they got extra serious. Fast forward a few years later, Russell has married Ciara and they now have three adorable children.

At the time I wrote that story, I didn't have access to photos of their opulent and magnificent estate, but I do now! I was being nosey on Ciara's Twitter page plus I saw this article on People magazine mentioned that a few months back, she hosted a beautiful baby shower at the mansion. Truth be told, what made me think of it was that story about those fools who threw a gender reveal baby shower party and sparks from their fireworks started a massive wildfire. Ciara had enough sense to not do something dumb like that! The incident even has it's own name, the "Gender Reveal Fire" in California.

This heavenly abode, located in the Bellevue area outside of Seattle, is so outrageous and beautiful, I dare say it will make you green with envy, nay, SEAHAWK GREEN with envy!

When they bought the Cia'Rell Mansion, as I like to call it, reportedly has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a movie theater, a private waterfront view, and everything! I am sure that by now, they have remodeled the place, and the property value has increased exponentially by now, too. I think the price of the home now is nearly nine million dollars.

They will even be neighbors with Bill Gates, who lives about three miles down the road. Mannnnn, I want to become friends with them!

You go, Ciara & Russell!

I bet Ciara's ex, Future, is still

Ciara & Russell Wilson's mansion


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