Not a day goes by where I have to Google something whether it's a location of a business or just finding out a new term my daughter started using. Washington state has a few odd-ball search terms that have popped up recently and Estately decided to list every states odd searches. Do you know what a clam gun is?

According to Estately, here's what Washington state is Googling. I'll try to help you out, too.

temporary tattoo paper / emergency kit / emergency rations / earthquake kit / Canadian tuxedo / squid jig / crab pot / clam gun / shrimp pot

  • temporary tattoo paper

    Exactly what you think it is. Paper to make your own temporary tattoos.

  • emergency kit

    We usually use this as something you keep in your vehicle during the winter for those drives over the passes in case you get stuck. Often a first-aid kit, blanket, non-perishable snacks, etc.

  • emergency rations

    More of the same. Granola bars and other stuff like it.

  • earthquake kit

    This was a little surprising to find this on the list for something Washington was Googling, but since we do have a fault line that goes right through Seattle.

  • Canadian tuxedo

    This is when you're wearing jeans along with a jean jacket. Top and bottom, both denim.

  • squid jig

    It's a type of fishing tool.

  • crab pot

    It's the name of a restaurant in the Seattle area, but also the name for a crab-catching cage-type device.

  • shrimp pot

  • clam gun

    a cylinder-type shovel used for finding clams on the beach.

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