About five years ago I had a crazy idea where we could have one card, but depending on which side you swipe, it'd be your debit card, credit card or whatever card you needed. This idea took that to the next level. It's called 'Coin' and you can store debit, credit and gift cards on there to use as you need.

I love the idea of pressing the button to select which card you want to use. I also like the idea of your phone alerting you if you leave it behind. That's something I've done with my card once or twice.

I'm interested in getting one. Instead of rushing out to pre-order one I may wait to see it working in real time before buying one for myself. I only have two cards as it is (debit and credit) but do have my fair share of store rewards cards. If I stored them all on 'Coin', I wouldn't have to give the clerk my phone number to save money.

Coin should be out Spring of 2014.