Coolio's been under the radar for some time now, and after hearing recent news, we're thinking maybe he should have stayed there.

According to TMZ, the 'Fantastic Voyage' creator was arrested earlier this month after some questionable judgment on his part.

Apparently, Coolio, born Artis Ivey Jr., was bold enough to have another woman at the home he shares with Anabella Chatman, his girlfriend --  and the mother of his child.

There aren't details surrounding how the altercation actually began but we're guessing that it was the shock of Chatman seeing another woman in her house.

According to reports, Coolio knocked Chatman to the ground then punched her in the face.  He grabbed their young son and the other woman and ran out of the house.

Chatman ran outside after the three, probably to retrieve her son, and in his insane mission to get away, Coolio peeled off and hit Chatman with his car.

The police are saying that she actually had tire marks on her leg.

Coolio hoped to pass a scratch off as being enough to claim self-defense. It wasn't and the police promptly arrested the rapper.

Now he's going to have to make the jailhouse a 'gangsta's paradise' until further notice.

Watch Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' Video



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