Heineken could soon be introducing something that could revolutionize how we consider beer. Although at first it may seem odd to drink out of a square that looks more fitted to poke a straw through, this has several benefits as well. Let’s look at the Heineken Cube.

The very first thing I find that’s positive is its stackability. You can’t quite stack beer bottles like you could a cube. Doing so will give you more shelf space in your fridge or in your cooler. The negative is I wouldn’t know how to hold this thing. Looks like it would slip through my hands more often than not, shattering where I stand. I guess you could just pour it into a glass as I do with most beers, but that would also slightly defeat the purpose of having this cute little beer cube.

I figure if wine can come in a box, then beer should be able to come in a cube. Although this is more of a concept than anything else with no actual release date so this may or may not happen, I think it has plenty of potential. What do you think?