This is a big warning: if you see an email message or text show up in your phone telling you that you have won something in the Washington state COVID-19 vaccination lottery, you need to watch out. It could very well be a SCAM, as Seattle-based TV Q13 News reports!

I don't know about you, but I have been patiently waiting for somebody over at Governor Inslee's office to let me know that I have won some money because I got fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Okay, impatiently waiting is more like the truth.


In case you've been living under a mossy Washington state rock, you have likely heard that prizes are being given out as incentives to get folks vaxed. We're talking about things like money (yes, please), scholarships, concert and sports tickets, money (wait, I said that one already), and money. They only had my attention at "money."

Unfortunately, crimers be criming, so the scams are a-coming! Just today, AG Ferguson's office issued a public warning of email scams and text message scams.

Now, if you DO by chance get picked in the COVID Lottery, as I am calling it, then of course you would have to be contacted by phone or email, whichever contact info you listed when you received your coronavirus shots. However, you're only going to be contacted by a phone number with a 2-5-3 area code or one from the 5-6-4 area code. It will definitely be a scam if the number reaching out to you is from out of town.

Another sign you are being scammed is if the email is not from the official “” email address.

Watch out if someone claiming that you won a prize in the COVID Lottery asks you for personal identification that includes giving out your Social (SSN#) or bank account information!

Get the full statement from Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office here.

So be careful, don't get scammed, and good luck winning a little something-something in the COVID Lottery. Until then, I'll be waiting to collect my COVID cash in all twenties, thank you very much.


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