42 Dugg and DaBaby have banded together to cover the bond for a Kansas, City, Mo. woman who allegedly killed her brother's suspected murderer.

On Wednesday (Jan. 20), 42 Dugg offered up $20,000 to go towards Tityana Coppage's bond after she was arrested and jailed for tracking down the man who murdered her younger brother and allegedly killed him herself.

In a social media post shared by SayCheeseTV about the woman being charged with second degree murder and being held on $200,000 bond, Dugg wrote in the comment section, "I got the 20 thousand if they can get her out on ten percent tell her people get with me."

Dugg later shared a text conversation, which looks like it could be with Lil Baby who is over the 4 Pockets Full (4PF) label that the Detroit rhymer is signed to. In the exchange, a person saved as "Baby" offers what appears to be $10,000 for someone willing to sign the woman's bond.

"An I got 10 fir [sic] some body willing to sign the bond," a portion of the text thread reads. Dugg appears to be confirming that Baby is referring to Coppage, to which the Atlanta rapper replies, "Hell yeah."

Dugg then wrote back, "Ok I'm tryna see if I can get in touch with her people."

42 dug offers to pay woman's bond in instagram post
42_dugggg via Instagram

DaBaby offered up some of his own money as well. The Blame It on Baby rapper shared an Instagram story post about 42 Dugg trying to help cover Coppage's bond and volunteered to match the amount Dugg said he would pay—$20,000. "@42_Dugggg I match u a dub," Baby caption his IG story post.

DaBaby offers to help pay woman's bond
42_dugggg via Instagram

Yella Beezy says he'll put up $20,000 as well. "I got 20k on it," the Dallas-bred rhymer wrote in SayCheeseTV's comment section yesterday.

yella beezy offers to help cover woman's bond
saycheesetv via Instagram

According to a report from CBS affiliate KCTV 5, Tityana Coppage, 21, is currently behind bars at the Jackson County Detention Center in Kansas, City, Mo. after allegedly killing the man who took her younger brother's life earlier this month. On Jan. 10, Coppage's 16-year-old brother, Jason Ugwuh, was shot and killed in their hometown.

On Jan. 13, Coppage shot her brother's suspected killer in a parking lot. The victim's brother transported the alleged murderer a short distance after the shooting before stopping in the street to seek help. The man, who was shot in the chest and leg, succumbed to his injuries as medics worked to save him.

Police reportedly used witnesses and surveillance footage to track down the black Ford Escape used in the shooting incident and to also find Coppage to speak with her. She is said to have admitted to reaching out to her brother's suspected killer in hopes that he and her brother's father would reach some sort of agreement before things turned deadly.

Coppage also reportedly admitted to having an exchange of gunfire with her brother's alleged killer, but described the account as an act of self-defense. She claims in a probable cause affidavit that her vehicle was shot at first before she fired off shots. Investigators also took a look at her phone and saw that she texted a contact saved in the phone as "Auntie" and asked for .45 caliber bullets. She wrote in the text, "LOL I sued [sic] to [sic] many on bro."

Coppage also texted her deceased brother's phone and said, "Sent a [expletive] to my brother I owe em that body."

Forensics and ballistics examinations also determined the gun recovered from Coppage was the firearm used in the shooting.

In 2016, Coppage reportedly suffered two tragic losses with the deaths of her 8-year-old brother and 9-year-old cousin. The two boys were shot and killed in their home while they were sleeping after someone fired shots into the house.

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