London producer-musician Dan Black understands that life is a series of rotating doors and closing chapters—a symphony of constant change. The artist's latest collaboration, "Farewell" featuring Kelis, is an ode to that bittersweet reality.

The shimmering single, a surprisingly joyful humanist dance floor anthem, was written "about how life is always moving on, and how there is both joy and pain in that," Dan shares.

"Well there's millions just like us that feel they've failed / Their ships have sailed / Catch the wave," Kelis sings on the pre-chorus, before a flurry of hand claps and a repetitive hook kicks in.

Meanwhile, the music video, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, is just as beautiful and strange as the human experience itself: In the clip, Dan and Kelis glitch in and out while the producer dances, constantly transforming into various colorful, surreal characters.

"To express this the directors, my longtime partners in crime Chic&Artistic, wanted to do a kind of live animation, with me endlessly transforming into many different, sort of, Disney-gone-wrong characters," he explains.

"I had to learn a whole bunch of choreographs and then repeat them exactly in each costume, often being barley able to see or breathe. And so once again my wife (one of the co-directors) managed to ensure that again I had to suffer somehow to make on of my videos."

Watch below:

Dan Black's forthcoming album, Do Not Revenge, is out July 6.

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