In another attempt to do something that nobody has done, this crazy guy decided to jump from a helicopter and go skydiving. The only thing that separates him from every other skydiver is he jumped without a parachute. How did he live?

Answer? Simple! Cardboard boxes. Movies have been using stacks of cardboard boxes for actors to take falls for years so that doesn't surprise me. The fact that he's in one of those 'Rocky: The Flying Squirrel' wing suits makes him glide in from safety.

There's no way you'd see me doing this for several reasons. First of all, I'm not going to wear anything Wyle E. Coyote has worn, so there's one. Another is I don't feel the need to ever get my adreniline pumped up to this level. But, all the same, he jumped without a parachute and lived to tell about it so congrats to him!

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