Dawn Richard — stylized as D∆WN now — continues to impress, surprise and rewrite the rules of being a post-reality show, post-girl group solo artist.

"Not Above That," one of our Best Songs We Heard at the end of January and the latest offering from her forthcoming third studio album in her trilogy of releases, called RED*emp*tion, is an all-out sensory overload of electronic pulsations and seductive, stuttered coos.

But as great as it is already, the newly released Deadboy remix of "Not Above That," included on the song's upcoming limited edition vinyl release, might be even better — or, at the very least, provides a very different perspective.

Stripping away the original's beat-driven aural assault, the ghostly reinterpretation of the original puts Dawn's unsubtle come-ons to the forefront:  "If I beg for it, will you get me off?"

As opposed to a sweat-drenched sex session, the remix feels more like the unanswered voicemail left from that bleary-eyed 4 AM phone call...or like Janet Jackson breathily cooing on one of Drake or The Weeknd's moodier, left-of-center moments. The song's still sexy, but the lingering production provides a completely different, somewhat eerie experience.

D∆WN is currently heading down to SXSW to perform at several venues, including Hype Hotel on March 17.

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