We knew that some people weren't fans of Internet sensation Rebecca Black, but we didn't know it was this bad.

PopCrush is reporting that two separate death threats, one by phone and one by e-mail, were made against the 13-year-old singer in March, all stemming from the viral music video for her "hit" single, 'Friday.'

Anaheim Police spokesman Rick Martinez said the threats were related to "getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her."

Though he doesn't know how serious the threats actually were, Martinez says that they will be "keeping an extra eye out" for Black as they investigate the messages.

"We're going to investigate and determine, number one, the source of the comments and then based on the investigation determine what intent was and where we go from here. If we believe they were actually intended as threats we will work toward prosecution," he said.

Given the amount of hate she's already received, and the fact that she's just a 13-year-old kid, we can't help but wonder: Hasn't this all gone too far?

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