Demi Lovato revealed rehab helped prepare her for the coronavirus quarantine.

The 27-year-old singer appeared on Jameela Jamil's podcast iWeigh Thursday (April 23) where she opened up about how her past experiences with drug addiction and the subsequent rehab stints made it easier for her to adjust to self-isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, the self-described "homebody" said quarantine "just feels like rehab."

"I'm much more used to self-isolation, but I'm also really used to it because I was joking with some friends that I met in treatment. I was like, 'This just feels like rehab,'" Lovato told the Good Place star.

She explained, "You're on lockdown at a facility, which most of the time was like a house-looking place or they've got beds, except in rehab you don't get TV or your phone, so this is luxurious."

"You don't get to go to the store whenever you want or Postmate whatever you want," the pop star added. "It's just interesting. I was like, 'I'm glad that I've already pretty much done this a few times in my life.'"

"What's funny is, one, I'm a homebody because I don't love fame," Lovato continued. "When it comes to paparazzi or getting recognized, things like that, that's just not a part that I really enjoy, so I stay home anyways. I'm a homebody."

Elsewhere in her interview, the "Anyone" hitmaker also addressed cancel culture and why it no longer affects her. Over the weekend, the hashtag #DemiIsOverParty started trending on Twitter after fans believed Lovato had a secret Instagram account she used to shade former BFF Selena Gomez.

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