As Demi Lovato focuses on sobriety, it appears as though she's cleaning house. The digital house, that is.

As ET reports, the pop star has been going on an Instagram rejection spree, including unfollowing her childhood friend Selena Gomez. Though the "Wolves" singer ignited the action by unfollowing Lovato at the beginning of the year, it's an odd move considering Gomez reached out to her personally after overdosing this summer.

“All I’m saying is, I reached out personally. I didn’t do a public thing. I didn’t want to. I…I love her. I’ve known her since I was seven. So…it’s…that’s what I’ll say," Gomez explained in an interview with Elle a couple months ago.

Did something happen between the on-again, off-again BFFs between then and now? Who's to say. But Gomez isn't the only friend who got the social media ax.

Lovato also unfollowed another childhood friend, Nick Jonas (despite continuing to follow his brothers Joe and Kevin, as well as his parents), and Iggy Azelia, who publicly supported her friend after she revealed she had relapsed prior to her OD in July.

Though we're not really sure what sparked Lovato's decision to distance herself from these particular people, a source explained that she needs to "focus on herself" and "avoid any difficult relationships."

"She needs to surround herself with those that support her goals and to stay away from any negativity," the source told ET. "Demi has come a very long way. She's grown emotionally and matured a great deal through this process. She realizes there is no quick fix and has accepted the fact she needs to take this one day at a time. She still has a sober companion and she has built a very strong support group."


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