Looking for a Detective Pikachu full movie leak? Thanks to star Ryan Reynolds, we now have an hour and forty-two minutes of Detective Pikachu!

Sorry, no, it's not the movie, but rather Pikachu dancing the entire 100 minutes — and it's cuter than a Clefairy! The video, which begins with the iconic Warner Bros. movie emblem, features Pikachu busting out his best dance floor moves as '80s workout music plays in the background.

The clip is, of course, part of a genius marketing scheme: On May 7, a Twitter account that goes by the name "Inspector Pikachu" tweeted out what appeared to be the link to the "full movie." Reynolds himself RTed the mysterious message, tagging Warner Bros. and effectively tricking some fans into thinking it was the entire movie. The video even features a cheeky "R. Reynolds" watermark on it — an excellent and creative PR stunt, indeed.

In just one day, the video of the fuzzy little Pocket Monster dancing has racked up almost 6 million views. Social media took the dancing video and ran with it: There are already thousands of videos of Pikachu dancing to a variety of different songs. And even though he does repeat the same moves, you can't help but be pulled in and hypnotized by his furry cuteness.

How could you not love that face!? Watch some of the best dancing Pikachu memes, below:

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