Public fascination and speculation surrounding famous faces like Ariana Grande's is understandable in this day and age of Instagram filters and uncanny valley, but also unrelenting and frustrating for the stars at the center of said fascination. That said, more than a few folks have been wondering on social media lately, "Did Ariana Grande get a nose job?"

The short answer? Nope!

But let's dig in a bit...

While it's wholly up to an individual whether to 1. undergo cosmetic surgery in the first place, or 2. publicly disclose whether they did or didn't get some sort of cosmetic work done, the speculation surrounding Grande's nose, of all things, got so intense recently that the singer decided to set the record straight herself.

In mid-December, a fan account on Twitter tweeted out a series of images of Grande's nose, writing, "Let's talk about Ariana's nose." Perhaps unintentionally, the post opened up the floodgates for trolls who swooped in to immediately note the seemingly evolving nature of Grande's nose over the years, as well as to pile on the public shaming for those who elect plastic surgery procedures in the first place.

After the original Twitter user added, "Who cares if she got a nose job? It's cute, isn't it?," the singer herself decided to weigh in with the truth.

"hayyy this my birth nose," Grande replied, adding, "what tf did i log onto today? lemme have a cute nose damn."

Twitter via @ArianaGrande
Twitter via @ArianaGrande

So no, as she'll tell you herself, Ariana Grande did not have a nose job.

To be fair, there's nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery or wanting to change one's appearance — that's totally up to the individual and should always be an autonomous choice. But also, speculating on someone's appearance when they haven't chosen to open up about it on their own is pretty inappropriate. Plus, there's many reasons a person's nose can change appearance, even drastically, outside of plastic surgery — from ageing to simple makeup tricks and even non-invasive injectable fillers.

At the end of the day though, it's really no one's business. Plastic surgery rumors? Thank you, next!

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