The Ice Bucket Challenge took a sad turn recently when a group of teens from Bay Village High School near Cleveland reportedly used it to pull a prank on an autistic boy. However, Drew Carey brought the incident to national headlines when he offered a $10,000 reward to find the people behind it.

According to PEOPLE, the teens asked the 14-year-old to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead of dumping ice on him, they used feces, urine and spit. To make matters even more horrific, they reportedly filmed the incident on his phone and posted it to Instagram.

Allegedly, the boy's mother found the video and contacted police and authorities. Eventually, the news found its way to Carey, who responded on Twitter:

It turns out that the comedian isn't the only celebrity who wants justice. New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg tweeted that he and wife Jenny McCarthy also pledged to donate:

According to PEOPLE, Bay Village officials are working to take disciplinary actions against the teens behind the prank. In a statement (quote via PEOPLE), the officials said:  "It hurts us deeply to see such a wonderful effort twisted to deliberately cause someone pain. We are supporting our Bay Village Police Department as they vigilantly work to complete their investigation in this case."

We're shocked and saddened by this incident, but we're glad Carey, Wahlberg and McCarthy are stepping forward to bring about justice -- and raise awareness for the anti-bullying movement.

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