Even though he's just starting to become a superstar in the U.S., Ed Sheeran is already well on his way to finishing his second album. The British singer-songwriter revealed that he's completed more than two dozen songs for the project — but don't expect another collaboration with Taylor Swift.

"I've done around 26 songs for the next album," Sheeran told MTV before the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City. The 21-year-old added that he won't be following the current trend of lining up a lot of featured artists for his next release:

"I'm not really to up for collaborations," he said. "My theory is, Bob Dylan never collaborated on his first few records, so I think I'll get to a point where for me collaborating on my own record will make sense, but for now I need to kind of make my own groove myself. Collaborating with someone like Taylor on her record has opened up so many doors, but I think for me on my own record I need to keep it me for a while."

Though Sheeran just broke through in America over the past few months with the success of his first single 'The A Team,' his duet with Swift and the hit song 'Little Things' that he wrote for One Direction, he actually started recording his debut album '+' in early 2011, so two years later, it's understandable that he's itching to put out record number two.

In the meantime, Sheeran continues to enjoy the success of 1D's 'Little Things' and his own Grammy nomination for Song of the Year for 'The A Team.' He'll spend most of 2013 on the road as Swift's opening act on the Red Tour.

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