Fans have had a lot of guesses about who former Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke would play in Marvel’s upcoming Secret Invasion TV series, and pretty much all of them were wrong.

No she’s not playing S.W.O.R.D. agent Abigail Brand. No, she’s not Dazzler, or

Clarke’s character’s identity was finally revealed in a new Vanity Fair article all about Secret Invasion. According to that piece, Clarke’s character is the daughter of Talos, the benevolent Skrull played by Ben Mendelsohn in Captain Marvel. (Mendelsohn reprises his role as Talos in Secret Invasion as well.)

Remember when Ben was there with his wife and daughter?” Secret Invasion star Samuel L. Jackson asked VF. “She’s the little Skrull girl grown up. She’s his daughter.”

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The character’s name is G’iah, and Clarke had this to say about her:

She’s a refugee kid who’s had Talos for a dad, you know what I mean? Maybe the fact that we didn’t know he had a kid up until this point tells you everything you need to know about their relationship.

The same article also reveals that Olivia Colman will be playing “an MI6 agent...who’s ostensibly motivated to protect England’s national security interests during the crisis” but who serves “a more antagonistic presence” in the series. (How much you wanna bet she’s secret a Skrull?)

Secret Invasion still doesn’t have an official release date on Disney+, but it stands to reason if they’re putting out these sorts of in-depth pieces about its story and cast, it can’t be too far off at this point. (Some recent online reports claim the show will debut on June 21, but Disney has yet to confirm that.)

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