Arguably the worst part of a breakup? Your ex-lover's sudden vitriol towards you, and the way your happy memories slowly transform into regret.

On "Over That," Emily Vaughn isn't willing to let the bitterness of a breakup erase all the good times.

Produced by Rob Resnick Yuppycult, the sticky-sweet electro-pop jam features a flurry of sugary synths and a blissful breakdown on which Vaughn admits, "I don't want to hate you / 'Cause I loved you / I don't want to hate you / 'Cause I loved you too much for that / You can go and hate me if you want to / But I'm not gonna hate you / No, I'm over that."

"I wrote 'Over That' from an extremely real and genuine place," the singer shares. "I was completely head over heels in love, but when I got my heart broken my initial reaction was to feel hatred toward the person I had—and at the time, still—loved. Ironic, right? 'Over That' is about acceptance, understanding where the hatred is stemming from, eliminating it, and moving on gracefully."

Listen below:

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