Eminem has come under fire at times during his career for being accused of coopting Black music. He's again basically admitting to it on a new song.

On Thursday (June 16), Eminem released his new single "The King and I" featuring Cee-Lo Green, which resides on Elvis (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Shady has had the internet talking with some particular lyrics on the track. On the third verse, the Detroit MC raps: "I stole Black music, yeah true/Perhaps used it (For what?) as a tool to combat school/Kids came back on some bathroom shit/Now I call a hater a bidet (Why?)/’Cause they mad that they can't do shit (Haha)."

The song and line drew many opinions on social media.

"It only make sense that Eminem is on this Elvis soundtrack, they both have been accused of stealing black music and profiting off it," one person posted on Twitter.

"Called inappropriate, accused of corrupting kids, of stealing black music, calls to ban him from TV and radio," another person posted. "Hated by conservative America. All things both Eminem and Elvis faced. In this regard, having Eminem on the #ElvisMovie soundtrack is a stroke of genius."

"He's literally responding to the people who claimed he stole black music and he agrees lol," someone else pointed out.

This isn't the first time Eminem has copped to having similarities to Elvis. On The Eminem Show track "Without Me," he famously rapped, "Though I'm not the first king of controversy/I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley/To do Black music so selfishly/And use it to get myself wealthy."

Eminem recently released a 20th anniversary edition of The Eminem Show.

See more reactions to Eminem's new song and listen to the track yourself below.

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