Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton dating? Fans seem to think so after the pair reunited once again this weekend.

Though it's been over eight years since the final Harry Potter movie was released, we all love a good reunion between the cast members. We especially love it when real-life Hermione and Draco post cozy photos together.

On Sunday (August 18), the actor shared a sweet snap that sees him teaching his former co-star how to play the guitar in their pajamas in what appears to be a hotel room during their recent trip to South Africa.

"Quick learner x," Felton captioned the shot.

The image sent Dramione fans into an absolute frenzy on Twitter, which of course reignited dating rumors.

This isn't the first time they've shared pics of each other on social media, but they always denied they're anything more than just friends. In fact, Felton told Us Weekly that he and Watson spend a lot of time together.

"We do see each other quite a lot actually. We just don’t always post pictures about it,” he said. “Everyone loves the reunion of it. We’re reuniting all the time we just don’t always post it on Instagram.”

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